If you have a front garden wall which divides your property from that of your neighbours (a dividing wall) and it is starting to tilt or fall then it is worth dealing with this sooner rather than later.

After speaking with neighbours, checking deeds and determining whose responsilbility it is to deal with the garden wall repairs please contact us for a free quotation.

Garden walls and dividing walls can often become damaged by tree and shrubbery roots or damage after being struck by a vehicle. Front garden walls can also be damaged as a result of a car or van hitting it.

Damaged walls can provide a safety hazard, particularly if young children choose to play or ‘pick’ at the wall.  Holes and crevices can also provide harbourages for pests or wasps nests.

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Brickwork and walls in need of repair can also lead to damaged property if they fall on your or your neighbours car.

Garden walls are particularly prone to becoming vulnerable when they divide properties driveways which are ‘staggered’ in height. They can be particularly prone to falling when they are ‘retaining’ earth and paving on a ‘raised’ driveway next door.

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